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Madeline 1.5

Croissants by Victoire 4.5

Chocolate Brownie 5

Toast + house made jam 9

Thyme ricotta on toast, passionfruit syrup, hazelnut + sorrel 9

Peas, mint, sheeps curd on toast + pickled jalapeño 9

Honey roasted granola, fruits, berries, passionfruit + local yoghurt 12

BLT + bbq sauce 12

Mushroom, cheviot cheese toastie + truffle honey 12

Heirloom tomato, ricotta + croutons 12

Fennel, watercress, avocado, poached egg, red quinoa + hazelnut 14




Sweet yorkshire puddings with smoked bourbon maple syrup, berkshire bacon + pecans 14

Free range poached eggs, berkshire bacon, avocado + dukkah on levain 18

Eggs benedict, shaved leg ham + dill hollandaise 18

Fried chicken burger, coriander mayonnaise + asian slaw 18

Chilli roasted pumpkin, sumac yoghurt, dukkah, fig + pomegranate jam 19

Pineapple glazed ham, fried egg + crispy kipflers 23

Pork + black pudding scotch egg, la dame goats cheese, ham + beetroot ketchup 23

Barramundi fillet, bean salad, toasted sunflower seeds, smoked tomato dressing 24